Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cotfix Bifuntional Dyestuffs - for better exhaustion - most suitable dyes for knits.

Cotfix Bi-functional Dyes

The poor exhaustion and fixation properties of Vinylsulphone dyes that lead to lot of dyestuff wastage have given birth to the bi-functional dyes with medium exhaustion and better fixation properties.

Bifunctional dyes have filled a big vacuum of various hues of bright shades, which were not possible with vinyl sulphone type. The dyes were conventional Dichlorotriazine type, with the end condensation of ß-sulphato ethyl sulphone to have different type of reactive group in a single molecule. Being a dual reactive, the primary mode of fixation is from vinyl sulphone group and the dyeing temperature is same as vinyl-sulphone, which enables good, inter compatibility in between the two classes.

Methods of dyeing:

These bifunctional dyes are most suitable for exhaust dyeing and Pad Batch and continuous. Can be freely mixed in combinations with Vinyl Sulphone dyes.

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